Color Inspired by Nature

So often I am asked how long before a color will be out of style. We all remember the mauve period in the late 80's right? I believe that longevity of a sustainable color is often predicted by whether or not the color is found in nature. When making color selections, select a color palette that will stand the test of time, choose colors that you see in nature. Imagine the beautiful amber tones seen in this photo as a fantastic paint color for an accent wall in a guest bathroom, or the color of a wonderful shag area rug in a laundry room, or even the color of built-in cabinetry used in a library or home office. The possibilities are endless. The next time you take a walk on the beach or a stroll through the park be sure to take notice of the colors around you, you may be surprised where you might find your color inspiration.

Standing the test of Time...

Combination of stain and paint finishes are standing the test of time and is still a very attractive current style. I think the first kitchen I did a combination of finishes was almost 15 years ago and I still find it to be a very attractive, current, stylish look today.

Nature's Texture is Inspirational

Nature provides us with so many textural elements that by just looking you can get a sense of how it feels. So often in Design textural elements can evoke our senses and create a mood or feeling that visually stimulates, much the same way textures in nature create response.

Custom Fireplace Mantel

This solid cherry custom mantel was designed and built in such a way to cover an existing plain stone mantel, no longer visible, creating a beautiful new focal point to this living room.

Time2Design's Blog Launch

Today is the beginning of the Time2Design Blog. It is a brave new world where all things are now captured on the internet for all time.