Laundry Rooms Can Be Beautiful ~ Before & After

Laundry room ~ frequently the forgotten room.  Just because it is "the Laundry Room", doesn't mean it can't be a beautiful space in your home.  More often than not when people think about interior design the laundry room is not the first room that comes to mind.  In fact it is usually the room when I am in people's homes I often find to be given the least amount of importance.  Laundry rooms are not only overlook, but there is usually not much thought given to how it functions.

If you stop and consider the amount of time you spend doing laundry, ironing clothes, getting cleaning supplies and equipment (frequently stored in what I like to call the laundry dumping ground) you would realize that this is a space that deserves some interior design and space planning attention.  It is a utilitarian room in your house that is used, often daily, and it should function and look beautiful.  

I recently had an opportunity to participate in the 17th Annual Jewels on the Bay Showhouse and my room was the Laundry Room in David and Ilene Denton's home.  Their laundry room was in fact a perfect example of a space that was forgotten.  As you can see from the pictures below there wasn't a lot going on in their laundry room when the transformation began.  This was for them a room to do laundry, iron, storage and a dining space for their dog Lenny.  It lacked color, they didn't have any counter space for folding, very limited storage space and it was merely a place for the washer and dryer.  It was to me a place that was not being utilized to its full potential and was with great delight that I was able to provide them with a laundry room that is multi-functional now and created a spectacular new dining area for their dog Lenny. click here for a close up of Lenny's dining space...

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