Kitchen Remodel ~ Change is Good

This kitchen remodel took place over the course of 4 weeks, from start to finish.  The update and change began by removing the old kitchen cabinetry, countertops, backsplash tile and those awful kitchen soffits.  

The layout remained basically the same with the following exceptions ~ the upper cabinets went from 30" high to 42" high, the new pantry cabinet is larger and has interior roll-outs, the island is now one large surface instead of the raised high bar and a pull out trash bin was added.  In addition the new granite countertops look great with the new undermount sink and the new smart touch faucet. 

By removing the soffits, this kitchen feels much more spacious and it gives great height to the space.  And removing the high-bar countertop and making the island one large countertop makes for a fabulous work space and opens the kitchen up to the adjoining rooms.