Friday Kitchen Find | Automated Cabinet Doors

photo credit nobilia
Today's kitchen space is premium real estate in a home.  And sometimes this real estate needs to be maximized due to space restrictions and/or to maximize the function.  We need to be able to easily access items that we store in our cabinetry.  The Kitchen needs to Function and that is why I have selected German company, Nobilia's automated (electrified) Climber cabinetry doors as my Friday Kitchen Find.   

Check out this quick video I took while I was visiting Nobilia's booth during my visit to IMM Cologne, Living Kitchen event in Cologne Germany. #IMM13 #BlogTourCGN #LK13

NOBILIA - "Electrification in the kitchen industry is one of the most important topics for the future and NOBILIA takes a stance in this respect with the wall unit CLIMBER with electric glass slatted front."

Before & After - Cabinetry Makeover - Entertainment Center

Sometimes your cabinetry just needs a little makeover.  Here is an example where the cabinetry layout was fine, the color and door style were just not working with the new decor.  

So we replaced the cabinet doors with new cabinet doors, new cabinet hardware and installed a new granite countertop.  

Another minor change was a larger TV was mounted on the wall with hidden cords to free up the counterspace and get rid of the clutter.  And all of the audio equipment is now hidden behind solid doors with a  remote sensor  to operate the equipment. 

A Room That Functions | Built In Bed

Here is a custom designed built-in desk and hideaway bed by Time2Design designed and installed in this den/office space that also doubles as a guest room.  Complete with dual desk space, open shelving, television and a pull down murphy style bed with a extra deep queen size mattress.  Comfort, Style and Function.


I am a lover of all things Kitchen and if you can make something in the kitchen techy or automated then I am even more excited.  I have featured something like this before here --> New Age Ventilation.  When I saw this while at  IMM Cologne , during Blog Tour, I was stunned, amazed and in awe!  Berbel Ablufttechnik has taken it to a whole new level ~ they look like light fixtures, they move up and down via remote control and they are a ventilation hood!  Brilliant!

Watch this video and see it in action!

I think I am going to start a new post section, I will post an interesting gadget, or cabinet storage solution or maybe even interesting hardware, it will be something to do with Kitchens and I am going to call it Friday Kitchen find!  Let me know what you think ...leave a message below!

Wallpaper Wednesday #BlogTourCGN

We couldn't have a Wallpaper Wednesday without taking a glimpse at a little bit of wallpaper I saw during my BlogTourCGN trip to IMM Cologne.  And in honor or Valentines is a fabulous pink heart wallpaper
photo credit Duetsches Tapeten-Institut
The Association of German wallpaper industry, Tapeten-Institute, represents the interests of the German wallpaper manufacturers. Through standardization, uniform labeling and quality criteria for wallpaper in German and European installations. Besides the wallpaper manufacturers, the association is supported by companies as associate members.

At the Tapeten-Institut booth of the German Wallpaper Institute facility, wallpaper lovers could experience the latest collections of German manufacturers, browse through pattern books and get a up close look at some of the selections with the rotating display boxes.

During IMM Cologne Duetsches Tapeten-Institut talked with visitors to say the value of wallpaper is less a question of money and more an expression of individuality.  Wallpaper can speak and make the walls in a home create a place where you feel good, it becomes a resemblance of your individual style and personality.
I love this flocked and sparkle paper, textural and visual

A walk thru Amsterdam

As a member of the Modenus #BlogTourCGN Team I spent just one brief day in Amsterdam, it was the last day of my #BlogTourCGN experience.  From the moment we arrived at the train station it was a whirlwind walk thru the snow covered streets of Amsterdam.  Our lovely tour guide and fellow blogger Louise de Miranda, author of the blog 30s Magazine, met us at the train station to help us navigate our way to our hotel.  We dropped our bags off at our Hotel - The College Hotel, and we were ready to explore Amsterdam.  We gathered together and were joined by Nienke Zondervan, editor at Eigen Huis & Interieur Magazine and Dutch bloggers Patrick Kooiman and Desiree, along with Louise to be our guides on our walk thru the streets of Amsterdam.
clockwise from top Nienke, map,Patrick,Desiree, Louise

We were giving a map and off we went...

Our first stop was Hotel Droog, and though the name implies it is a hotel it is in fact a one room hotel, surrounded by so much more.
It is a unique design store, an exclusive fashion store, a wonderful cosmetic & skin care boutique, a restaurant, a gallery, a garden and a hotel.  A hotel with but one room at the top of several levels and flights of stairs to the top of the building overlooking the unique Amsterdam rooftops.

We toured through Hotel Droog where we saw and experienced some unique and unusual products and we were treated to tea and sweets in the Hotel's singular guest room/suite.

Thru the streets, over the bridges and past the bikes...

...we then made our way to a fun shop called Frozen Fountain - a beautiful store filled with fun and funky stuff for the home.  We all took a seat while Cok de Rooy, one of the owners spoke to us of how the Frozen Fountain store came to be and how they opened to be a shop where they would sell things as art or as a gift, how they help to organize a lot of exhibitions with designers and their products.
He explained to us that he is always impressed when a designer doesn't care about the pressure of trying to do something new, because new doesn't exist.  He said that if you can show him something that is new then he is very curious, but in fact, there is always influence a designer is always standing with his feet in the time, and the better the designer the better he translate his style.  And to in Mr. Rooy's words ... that is what is happening when you are looking at a good designer.

We then had an opportunity to take a quick look around, had a quick drink and a bit of cake and then we were off and walking...

Our next stop brought us to a Moooi Amsterdam showroom.
Having just seen Moooi at Design Post in Cologne a few days prior, I was excited that Moooi's showroom was part of our walk thru Amsterdam tour.  Moooi has to me a sort of quirky sometimes overscaled, colorful, bold and unique look and feel.  I am new to Moooi though I know I will be admiring them for years to come....Bravo!
While in the Moooi showroom we had the pleasure of meeting one of their newest designers, Sjoerd Vroonland, who designed the extension chair for Moooi. It is more than just a chair, it is every bit as much a showpiece as it is a multi functional chair.  
Off and walking, we left Moooi and headed out into the streets of Amsterdam to our next destination...
Store Without a Home ('SWAH') another fabulous interior design boutique filled with quirky, surreal items for your home.
We were treated to hot tea and coffee as we enjoyed out time seeing all the design treasures they had for sale.  Each item I would spot in this store was even that much more fantastic then the next, out of the box sort of unusual and functional home decor.  Great fun!
And then we were moving on to continue our walk thru Amsterdam and our next stop was Sukha, a eco-friendly, clothing and home decor boutique in the center of Amsterdam.  The clothing was impeccable and virtually all of the the items they sell have a sustainable background and are carefully selected by owner Irene Mertens.  We had a nice glass of wine, spent some time enjoying Sukha, which means 'Joy' in Sanskrit and I agree Sukha is a bundle of joy!

When we left Sukha the sun had gone down and we were off and walking to our final destination for the day at Hutspot, a concept store run by a group of young entrepreneurs.
The large store was filled with everything from clothes and shoes to artwork, their dog and even a vintage vespa!  We met up with some other local bloggers and we had a chance to just sit down, rest our feet, enjoy a drink and visit with each other.

It was a long day, a lot of walking, amazing shops and fabulous new friendships.  I felt like it was such a whirlwind and we only just saw a smidgen of all Amsterdam is.  I can't wait to return and continue my walk thru Amsterdam....and next time I will also take a bike, a boat and a car...there is just so much to see, the architecture was amazing, the people were so friendly and I was truly enchanted.

NKBA - The Kitchen & Bath Authority

NKBA - National Kitchen and Bath Association, the go to for the kitchen and bath industry!  They are who set the standards, make the rules and in general are all things Kitchen and Bath! NKBA is the "authority" for the kitchen and bath industry.  As with most national organizations there are also regional NKBA chapters.  I am a member, of the Central Florida Chapter.  NKBA on a local/regional level is a fabulous place to learn, collaborate, socialize and network with other like minded professionals in the kitchen and bath industry.

NKBA's annual event is KBIS - It is "THE" show of the year for the Kitchen and Bath Industry.  I have attended the show multiple times over the last 20 plus years.  I have however noticed that in the last say 5-10 years for me the show has become, how can I say this, well it has become to me a bit boring.  I used to attend because I was anxious to see all the latest and greatest, and honestly the last few times I attended I have been a little let down.  But that is beginning to change and new and exciting changes are happening within NKBA and the KBIS show!

I got the news in January that NKBA hired an external collaboration of agencies to head its marketing department, I can honestly say it more than peaked my interest.  For me I have not felt enthusiastic about KBIS for quite some time and this new collaboration has given new hope to a new beginning for NKBA's and quite honestly my willingness to attend KBIS. 
So what does all this have to do with me besides the obvious.  As many of you may know, I recently went to Germany and Amsterdam as a member of the #BlogTourCGN, BlogTour Cologne, team.  One of our the trip sponsors was NKBA, and I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with several members of NKBA's Marketing Agency collaborators. Sherry Qualls and Paul Anater with White Good, Lancaster PA , Leanne Wood-Newman with Flying Camel in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and Veronica Miller with Modenus in Orlando, FL. 
clockwise from top left - Leanne Wood-Newman,
Paul Anater, Sherry Qualls and Veronika Miller

NKBA treated us to an authentic German meal at  Fruh am Dom restaurant in Cologne.  The restaurant's decor had a wonderful old world German feel.  It was bustling with business and the food was amazing!  I ordered the traditional Schnitzel with fries and it paired well with the local German beer.

During our meal Leanne and Sherry spent some time telling us about all of the exciting things that are happening with NKBA and most especially the excitement that is building for KBIS2013 and also for KBIS2014.  They shared with us how their goal is to get the designers, the community, the professionals involved and interacting with KBIS.  That their vision is to have KBIS go beyond an annual event.  They spoke of opportunities that will be available where they will be reaching out to the kitchen and bath community in a way that will allow kitchen and bath professionals, designers, manufacturers, distributors and everyone in the kitchen and bath industry to be more directly involved.  Much of what they are working on will be seen at this year's KBIS2013, but an even more exciting was the announcement made that KBIS and IBB, International Builders show, will co-locate in 2014!