VERB designed past and participle /de-sign-ing present participle /de-signs 3rd person present singular

1. transitive and intransitive verb create detailed plan of something: to make a detailed plan of the form or structure of something, emphasizing features such as its appearance, convenience, and efficient functioning.

2. transitive and intransitive verb plan and make something: to plan and make something in a skillful or artistic way.  3. transitive verb intend something for particular use: to intend something for a particular purpose.  4. transitive verb invent something: to contrive, devise, or plan something.

NOUN de-signs plural 

1. picture of something's form and structure: a drawing or other graphical representation of something that shows how it is to function or be made. 

2. way something is made: the way in which something is planned and made.  3. decorative pattern: a pattern or shape, sometimes repeated, used for decoration.  4. process of designing: the process, techniques, or art of designing things.  5. intention: an underlying sense of purpose or planning ( formal )