Recipe - Favorite Holiday Dish

Green Jello Salad

As long as I can remember at every holiday meal my mom would always make this recipe.  It has become a mandatory staple at all holiday meals.  The recipe was handed down to my mother from my great grandmother McCauley whom I have wonderful childhood memories. 

When ever the holiday menu is being planned it is always the first thing I request and there have been only a few instances when we have not had it at our family gatherings.  Without it the meal just isn't complete. 

I affectionatly call it "Green Jello Salad". Here is my mom's recipe

                  Cottage cheese salad.
                  1 small carton cottage cheese
                  1 8 oz carton cool whip
                  1 small pkg lime jello.
                  1 small can crushed pineapple.
                  walnuts,chopped, marchino cherries cut in small pieces.
- mix dry jello mix and cottage cheese together and beat with mixer.(so it makes it smother.)
- mix in pineapple chopped walnuts and cut marchino cherries.. ( just a little bit of cherries to give it color. and a 1/4 to 1/2 c. nuts)
- then fold in cool whip until mixed well. (mix in by hand) put in jello mold overnight. (can also just put it in a bowl and serve that way.)
Option -
double the recipe by using a lg. cottage cheese, lg, pkg, jello,12 to 16 oz cool whip and regular size can of pineapple and adjust the amount of nuts and cherries.
Option -
can also do orange jello an mandarin oranges or red jello and strawberries.
(I have never used the strawberries and red jello but have done the mandarin oranges and orange jello for Thanksgiving and that is good. )
I always add the nuts but the cherries just with the lime jello for Christmas time to give it the Christmas color and it tastes good to. 

Ventless Fireplace

Guaranteed to catch the eye!

The new indoor fireplaces are a breakthrough in indoor ambience. You can easily create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room. A genuine problem-solver for an indoor environment that would love a fireplace but lacks a chimney or gas line.

All fireplaces have been tested and approved by TÜV/UL for sufficient fire protection and operational safety such as fire protection requirements, accumulation of emissions and fuel flow-rate.

Bio-Ethanol has a fuel value of app. 8,2 kWh/kg. On maximum user-adjustment fireplaces will burn app. 0,23 – 0,50 kg fuel per hour. They are not intended to be or suitable as a room heater.

• Vent less
• Odorless operation
• No chimney or natural gas line required
• Simply mounts to the wall like a picture frame
• Creates a relaxing atmosphere
• Safety certificate available upon request
• Flame size is adjustable with included tool
• Shipment includes:
1 L ethanol,
mounting hardware
a funnel and measuring jug
a sliding tool to adjust the flame and closing the burner to shut off the flame and a detailed instruction manual
• A full reservoir burns for app. 2-4 hours, depending on the flame size

• Solid wall for safe mounting
• Wall surface must be of non-flammable material withstanding at least 85°C/185F
• The minimum room size per operated fireplace must not be under 44m“/1550 cuf (equaling 20 m”/215 sqf room size with a ceiling of 2,20 m/7,2 ft).
• Room should be well ventilated
• Local regulations may apply
• Wall space must be large enough to meet all safety distance requirements as listed in the instruction manual

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Custom Cabinetry and Interior Design




Definition: A finial is a decorative ornament at the end of a drapery rod or at the top of a lamp, piece of furniture, or building.

Encyclopedia:  In architecture, the decorative upper termination of a pinnacle, gable end, buttress, canopy, or spire. In the Romanesque and Gothic styles, it usually consists of a vertical, pointed central element surrounded by four outcurving leaves or scrolls.

When the form it decorates has crockets (small, independent, sharply projecting ornaments, usually occurring in rows), the finial may be formed of four or more crockets surrounding the central upright. Finials in the form of candelabrum shafts occur frequently in early Renaissance work. The term now applies loosely to any small pinnacle, knob, or other decorative feature terminating a vertical motif. See also crocket.

Pronunciation: fin'-ee-ul

Wallpaper Wednesday - Beaded Wallcovering

A luxurious collection - beaded wallcoverings. This one shown, featuring a wide stripe, a trellis and an overall spot.

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Contemporary Kitchen Update Before and After

A total re-purpose of the existing cabinetry in this kitchen was a more economical way to get a totally new look and totally transform this space...

The new black galaxy granite countertops are a beautiful compliment to the new glass tile backsplash. The existing cabinetry has been reinvented, all the exposed edges have been refinished in a striking satin black finish and all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts have been replaced with new square edge dark mahogany color cabinet door/drawer fronts.  The stylish satin nickel hardware and new travertine tile floors pulls all the design elements together to take this kitchen out of the 90's and has totally transformed this kitchen.

Cabinetry Door Styles

Multiple Door Styles, available in multiple wood species is the first step in creating beautiful custom kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers, furniture and more.  

specialist in
Custom Cabinetry and Interior Design
Sarasota, FL


Bergère Chair

Definition: A bergère chair is an upholstered chair having closed, upholstered sides, arm rests, seat, and back. It also includes exposed carved wooden legs. These chairs are considered French country in style and are often used with an upholstered ottoman having similar exposed carved wooden legs.

Pronunciation: bare jare

Wallpaper Wednesday - Metallic Shimmer

Beautiful metallic shimmer with a luminescent mother of pearl shell at the center...a really beautiful textural wallpaper that gives great style to any room.

photo via york
photo via york
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VERB designed past and participle /de-sign-ing present participle /de-signs 3rd person present singular

1. transitive and intransitive verb create detailed plan of something: to make a detailed plan of the form or structure of something, emphasizing features such as its appearance, convenience, and efficient functioning.

2. transitive and intransitive verb plan and make something: to plan and make something in a skillful or artistic way.  3. transitive verb intend something for particular use: to intend something for a particular purpose.  4. transitive verb invent something: to contrive, devise, or plan something.

NOUN de-signs plural 

1. picture of something's form and structure: a drawing or other graphical representation of something that shows how it is to function or be made. 

2. way something is made: the way in which something is planned and made.  3. decorative pattern: a pattern or shape, sometimes repeated, used for decoration.  4. process of designing: the process, techniques, or art of designing things.  5. intention: an underlying sense of purpose or planning ( formal )

Wallpaper Wednesday - Silver Grey Textural

photo via folia

Beautiful silver grey wallpapers provide a simple pattern to enhance a room and give a textural element. 

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A copy of a drawing done to scale showing the room or a number of rooms, dimensions and configuration of floor space for each level or story of the interior of the proposed building. 

After the machine copies the drawing onto the special paper, the paper is blue, hence the term blueprint. 2) In engineering, a line drawing showing the physical characteristics of a part.

Interior Designer Invitational |

Carmen Christensen design, complimented by art by Katharine Butler-Spindrift

The Katharine Butler Gallery will present its 1st Annual Interior Designer Invitational from March 17 to April 10 featuring local interior designers and gallery artists. On display will be photos of interior design projects paired with artwork from the gallery that the designers consider best complements their work.

Participating designers include Jan Bullard, Cameron Cox, Sarah Colandro, Thomas Coppage, Carmen Christensen, Mary Jo Hixon, Pamela Hastings, Holly Kriviski, Jeanette Simpson and Jeff Hart. Showcased artists include John Busby, Carolyn Ritter, Charlie Barmonde, David Zapata, Jason Bourgholtzer, Katharine Butler, Sonja Fraser, Donald Murphy, Howard Cowdrick, Ruth Hook Colby, Ronn Mattia and Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, Joan Lyon-Colubux and L. Susan Stark.

KB Gallery is located at 1943 Morrill St. in the Towles Court Arts District in downtown Sarasota. Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m.-7:30 p.m. For information: 955-4546;

Where to Store Coffee: Pantry vs. Freezer | Real Simple

From website Real Simple
Keep It Shelved
The best way to keep ground coffee or whole beans fresh is to store the coffee on a pantry shelf in an opaque airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture, says Scott McMartin, who has tasted more than half-a-million cups of coffee as a member of the Starbucks Green Coffee Quality group. (If you don't have a canister, close the top of the bag with a rubber band, then put the bag in a resealable plastic bag.) When you freeze the coffee you use every day, the fluctuating temperatures create moisture in the packet, which can leave your morning cup tasting like cardboard. "The cell structure changes, which causes a loss of the oils that give coffee its aroma and flavor," says McMartin. So why do so many coffee connoisseurs keep their stashes in the freezer? Probably because they stock up and store the coffee there for a longer time.

Interior Designer Invitatonal ~ Time2Design Entry

Join us on Friday, March 19th, 2010 6-10 pm and see our entry in the Interior Designer Invitational....

Artist Reception and Towles Court Artwalk
Friday, March 19th, 2010 6-10 pm

Time2Design Entry - Master Bath~Art/Jewelry pairing

The Katharine Butler Gallery proudly presents its 1st Annual Interior Designer Invitational featuring local interior designers and gallery artists. Each participating interior designer will be displaying a photo of what they consider to be their best design project. Along with the design photo, each participating designer has chosen a piece of artwork from the gallery that would best compliment their design. Come join the Katharine Butler Gallery, an industry partner of the American Society of Interior Designers, for this spectacular designer showcase!  Entries will be on Display Wed Mar 17 - Sat. April 10, 2010. Location ~Katharine Butler Gallery 1943 Morrill Street,  Sarasota, FL 34236.

Out with The Old, That wall has to go ~ Kitchen Before & After

Out with the old and in with the new ~ Those walls have to go.  This kitchen was screaming for a makeover and needed to be updated.

Aside from the outdated wallpaper, this kitchen had a lot going on.  The original kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house with dropped soffits and walls separating it, it felt like you were in a box.  

We removed the wallpaper, took down a few walls, got rid of the soffits and opened the new kitchen up to the adjoining breakfast area and family room.  We made the kitchen part of the house instead of a separate room stuck in a box.

We increased the size of the pantry, made the cabinet over the refrigerator deeper so it was accessible and increased the height of the new upper cabinets.  In addition this kitchen boasts a total of five drawer banks for amazing amounts of usable functional storage.  New stainless steel appliances, solid cherry wood cabinets and spectacular granite countertops give this kitchen a timeless look that is now the center of activity in their home.

A few details up close. 

We received the following letter from the homeowner upon completion of this job -

Dear Carmen,
I wanted to drop you a note to let you know again how happy we are with our kitchen/house remodel job. Everything came out beautiful, it’s like having a new home. You delivered on each and every aspect of the project. You guided us through the job our first meeting when we discussed the job and process to the final walk-through. 

We very much appreciate your high standards for quality and value and want to mention some things that set you apart from other contractors we know or talked to. Your excellent communications provided us confidence that every dollar was spent wisely. You stayed on budget and always let us know when issues arose. 

All your subcontractors and workers were safe, neat, honest and highly qualified. Your eye for design and color was great. Overall, we can say that we received quality work and materials at a good price. We once hired a contractor who’s starting goal was to be friends with their clients after the project was completed. I am happy to say that now we have had two contractor experiences we can say that about. 

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody and wish you the best.
Maureen Stewart

Wallpaper Wednesday - Large Scale Pattern

A large pattern wallpaper can create the perfect accent to the simplicity of the furniture and furnishings as seen here.

photo credit farrow and ball
photo credit grahambrown

photo credit romo

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