Wallpaper Wednesday ~ Creative College Student Wallpaper

A college students approach to creative decorating on a budget....it really is a tribute to iconic art of the college life...at first glance I was drawn to the array of colors and only at closer inspection did I realize what it was...this takes recycling to a whole new level...

It really is a creative, economical wallpaper solution...you have to admire the thought process - they even have borders available....

Pictures provided by a 21 year old male college student on a budget...

Happy New Year and Thank you....2010

Time2Design is closed for the Holidays....

We take this time at the end of each year,
to spend time with our families, to reflect on
the year, and to give thanks for all the blessings
we have been given throughout the year....

Every project or job we work on is memorable and it
is virtually impossible to express in words how much
we enjoy what we do and how important each project
or job we work on is to us.  It is with genuine gratitude
and personal pride that we have had the privilege of
working with all of our wonderful clients, suppliers,
fellow designers, and sub-contractors. 

The relationships that have formed and the friendships
that have developed have been a large contribution to our
success and has made 2009 a wonderful year.  On behalf
of Time2Design we thank for being a part of our life and
a part of our 2009.

We are looking forward to our continued relationship with
you, our growing friendships, all of the amazing opportunities,
the continued growth, the new relationships that are ahead
of us and all of things we have to look forward to in 2010.

May you and yours be blessed, may you have a most
wonderful Holiday Season and from all of us at
Time2Design, we wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

Wallpaper Wednesday ~ Light Emitting Wallpaper

Light Emitting Wallpaper....
you gotta see it, to believe it...

This just blows me away....it is a must have!!!!!
Amazing designer - Jonas Samson Light-emitting wallpaper

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Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe

This cookie recipe is my all time Family Christmas memory cookie - Christmas wasn't complete if you didn't make these when I was growing up. A bit of a production to make but oh so worth the time.

Ok and the all time MOST Favorite....and most delicious

"Sandwich Cookies"

This was the closest picture I could find, they look lke this,
with powder sugar icing and you top with maraschino cherry bits.


1 cup grated almonds
1/2 lb pwd. sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 lb butter
2 1/2 cups flour
1/8 tsp. salt
currant jelly
maraschino cherries (cut into small bits 1/4 pieces are good size in red and green)

Cream buter & sugar, add nuts, flour, salt, vanilla. Refrigerate. (Could even make the night before and leave in refrigerator over night)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Prepare Powder Sugar Icing - 1 c. sifted powdered sugar, 1/4 tsp. vanilla, Milk
In a mixing bowl, stir together powdered sugar, vanilla, and enough milk to make of drizzling consistency. Set aside

Roll-out dough to thin, cut into circles, place on cookie sheet in even numbers only, bake for 10-12 minutes until done, remove from oven, while still hot/warm place a small dab (teaspoon) of current jelly in the center of one cookie and then top with another, continue until all cookies are paired with current jelly. Drizzle top with Powder sugar icing and top with small bit of maraschino cherries (one bit red and one bit green) Cool and enjoy!!!!
Best cookie ever ......

Cabinetry "Green / Enviormentally Friendly"

As an Authorized Dewils Dealer, Time2Design is dedicated to providing enviormentally friendly products.  The following explains in detail the approach that Dewils Cabinetry takes as it pertains to "Green" and Enviormentally Friendly" Cabinetry.  At Time2Design we are so happy to be able to provide such a high quality product that meet and exceed expectations.

Dewils Cabinetry's Approach to "Green" Enviromentally Friendly Cabinetry:

We use a variety of eco-friendly materials to build our custom kitchen and bath cabinetry, including:

•Sustainably harvested wood • Our wood comes from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Institute (SFI).

•Safer plywood • Our standard construction material is low-formaldehyde or no urea added formaldehyde (NAUF).

•Low-VOC finishes • We use low-VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes exclusively.

•Better hardware • Our drawer guide and hinge supplier is ISO 14001-certified, which means they comply with a rigorous set of international standards designed to protect the environment.

At DeWils, we not only strive to build a product that is healthier for your home and the planet, but we also work to ensure that our manufacturing process is cleaner for our surrounding community:

•Responsible packing - We use SFI-certified and recycled packaging for all our product lines.

•Lower emissions - Since the 1980s, DeWils has reduced emissions at our factory in Vancouver, Washington, by 84 percent.

•International approval - We were the first cabinet manufacturer from the United States to pass the formaldehyde emissions test required by Japan's Building Standard Law, the most rigid formaldehyde testing to date. We received a rating of F-four star, the best score possible.

•Recycled wood - We recycle nearly all hardwood and sawdust waste produced in our factories.

•Energy-saving measures - We use energy-saving, high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs to light all our factories.

•Meeting California CARB Compliance standards.

DeWils Industries, Inc. meets CARB Compliancy

The State of California Air Resources Board (CARB) has implemented new requirements that are now in place for all products manufactured with composite panel materials and sold in California. This regulation from CARB is the most stringent in the country with two phases of compliancy, with full compliancy effective January 1, 2012.

DeWils Industries, Inc. meets or exceeds all compliance levels for Phase I taking effect on January 1, 2009. In fact, all product lines, Designer, Expressions, and Horizons met the requirements easily with no adjustment in the quality products that DeWils supplies.

As a cabinet manufacturer, DeWils is categorized under CARB as a “Fabricator.” Fabricators selling products to retail establishments in California are required to maintain records from all pertinent board suppliers and to provide materials that have been certified by CARB approved Third-Party Certifiers. It is not enough to state that their materials appear to meet CARB; they must maintain proper certification records of compliance from their board suppliers. DeWils maintains files with board manufacturers’ certification documents. Although the CARB regulation pertains specifically to products sold into California, other states are diligently evaluating this rule and will most likely adopt the same or similar legislation in the near future. DeWils is in position for this action due to the fact that all current products meet the required levels of the CARB Rule. The Composite Panel Association has setup a website to clarify the legislation and certification process; www.carbrule.org. There is an informational document on this site titled http://www.carbrule.org/CARB-Quick-Reference-1108.pdf. In addition, the California Air Resources Board own website, http://www.arb.ca.gov/toxics/compwood/compwood.htm, has good information and posts webinar recordings including a September 25, 2008 Retailer Webinar.
When you choose DeWils, you are buying a high-quality product backed by a family-run company dedicated to environmental responsibility. It is imperative that we protect the planet's resources today. And by seeking out further ways to reduce our impact we're committing to help create a greener tomorrow.

As a Authorized Dewils Dealer, Time2Design provides Dewils Cabinetry to help you achieve your "Green" and "Enviromentally Responsible" decisions.  Stop by our Showroom at 1882 Porter Lake Drive to see our Dewils Displays and to learn more about  what Time2Design can do for you. 

Trend or Not?? Mixing Colors and Finishes...

We are often asked about the longevity of combining multiple finishes in the kitchen.  Two stain finishes or stain finish and painted finish -  "Will my kitchen look dated if my island is in a painted distressed finish and then the rest of my kitchen in stained wood?", "How long before it goes out of style?", "Is it just a passing trend?"

The truth is that there really is no way to know for sure.  I have been designing and working in the Kitchen and Bath industry for more than 20 years and have seen alot of things come and go.  My general rule of thumb for my clients is two-fold.  I first ask how long you intend to stay in your home after your kitchen is done? My feeling is that if your intentions are to remain in your home for more than 5-10 years then you should do what you like and not worry to much about who is going to live there next.  If you are not going to be in the home more than say 3 years then it is best to give consideration to the prospective homeowner.

After I have established how long you are going to live in the home I spend time getting to know what your individual style is to best assess what will work best for you long term.   The process of selecting colors and materials is a process that occurs while working through the functioning portion of the design.  Often times you will have pre-concieved ideas of what you like and by the time we work through the design process and spend time getting to know you and what you like and dislike we find the correct combination of products, materials, textures and colors that are best suited for your home and your individual style.

The trend of mixed use in kitchens has been going strong for many years.   Currently it seems to be holding its own and is still a very appealing and a stylish way to create a very interesting kitchen space.  Here you see several examples of our work showing two color or multi-finish cabinetry.  Combining a multiple finishes in the kitchen can create a very pleasing, interesting and dramatic design.

In this first example the focal point of the kitchen is emphasized by the large decorative hood and island cabinetry in cherry, with carved corbels, decorative posts and multi-stacked moldings, in a beautiful stained finish.  The surrounding cabinetry or the main portion of the kitchen is in contrast to the cherry in a creamy white paint with  a chocalate glaze finish that compliments the dark cherry cabinetry.  The stark contrast of the cabinetry is pulled together beautifully with the specific granite, backsplash and floor color and material selections. 

Another unique way to create diversity of materials in the kitchen is to do a combination of countertop materials.  This multi-level island was done with a custom wood countertop at the counterheight work surface and then a stunning marble at the lower countertop to be used for baking projects and rolling out dough.  And at the same time the cabinetry is different materials and finishes as well - Paint with glaze on one portion and maple stain on other area.  This is a island we did almost 7 years ago and is still very much in style. 

This next photo shows a job that was designed with two contrasting woods, cherry and maple, with contrasting stain colors.  

The key in my opinion is to have a distinct contrast in color that compliments each other.  At Time2Design, Inc. it is our goal to discover what is best for you and your kitchen.  To determine how you function in your kitchen to design and create a space that is a direct reflection of your individual style.

Wallpaper Wednesday ~ Bathroom Before & After

Wallpaper can change the way a room looks....as proof with these before and after pictures of a bathroom project we just completed....




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Kitchen Design From Contemporary to Traditional...

At Time2Design it is our goal to design your kitchen to be a direct reflection of who you are and how you live in your home.  From a sleek contemporary kitchen to an over the top traditional kitchen with carved moldings and decorative elements, we have the door styles, wood species and finishes to create the exact look you are trying to achieve.

We work with you to discover how you live and work in your kitchen and help you to achieve the most functional and visually appealing space so that it is designed to compliment your home and lifestyle.  

Time2Design is a full service Custom Cabinetry and Interior Design Firm located in Sarasota, Florida, providing products and services from initial concept and design thru completed installation. 

With over 25 years experience Time2Design prides itself on providing and maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We strive to make your kitchen function in the most efficient and visually appealing way. Residential / Commercial—New Construction and Remodeling.

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Update your Kitchen - Before and After

A quick and effective way to update your kitchen is to change the paint color, switch out the hardware, update the countertop to granite or quartz and install some amazing new backsplash tile. 

As seen here in the before picture, this kitchen has beautiful cherry cabinetry, cream color corian countertops, antique brass hardware and simple cream 4x4 tile backsplash.  And to look at it you would think it really is fine, looks good and why change anything?


In these AFTER photos you will see we raised up the countertop on the end of the island to make it all one height, switch out the sink to undermount stainless steel and changed the faucet to a stylish kohler faucet in a satin nickel finish.  

The countertops were replace with a beautiful granite that is an amazing assortment of black/grey/silver/cream and little flecks of the rich cabinet color.  Then we changed the backsplash tile to an amazing glass tile that has a opalence type finish that really sparkles with the undercabinet lights and it is set in a brick pattern throughout.  

And when the hardware was replaced with an updated stylish more transitional design in a satin nickel finish it really took on a whole new look and feel and new paint color gives the whole space a new sophisticated stylish modern transformation that will sustain itself for many more years to come.


At Time2Design we are here to provide you with the expert advise while assisting you in making selections for your home.  We are able to provide you with as much or as little as required depending on the size and scope of your individual project or projects.  We strive to  maintain the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

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Wallpaper Wednesday ~ Let it Inspire your Interior Design

Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper - It really has come so far and I have to say it can truly be the inspiration for a space.  Check out how this wallpaper really makes a statement and sets the style for the room....
photo credit mayer george vladimirovic

This next photo is a perfect example of how a simple kitchen can really make a statement with a large iconic image such as seen here in this digitally produced wallpaper image.  Really so fantastic what we can do and what is available to create very unique individual living space that represents who you are and makes a statement....

photo credit pinterest

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