ASID LA | Dwell Labs Designer Tour

As part of Dwell on Design, in Los Angeles, in conjunction with ASID Los Angeles and LA Design Magazine, I was invited to attend a VIP Tour of Dwell Labs LA.  I was amongst a very talented group of bloggers and our private tour took us inside two separate prestigious building locations.  Our first stop took us to Met Lofts in the heart of downtown LA where we toured four spectacular residences overlooking downtown LA.  We then traveled to 1600 Vine to view four more amazing residences in Hollywood's hot new neighborhood in the center of the Hollywood scene. 

In each location we were allowed to tour each residence, meet the interior designers and discover how they brought their vision to life.  Each interior designer designed their space with a specific client in mind.  There was a story to each space and a specific style to accommodate the given parameters of each proposed resident. 

Here is a glimpse of each residence, the interior designer who designed the space and the resident style that each was designed for.

MET LOFTS Unit #205 / Interior Designer Lauri Howell, ASID
As soon as you walked into this space you got an imediate sense that this was a very hip, sophistcated space.  There were great laser cut panels that gave a separation from the living and sleeping space.  Even though this was basically a one room apartment space, there was great care to detail given to make each area feel individual and have multiple functions.  It had a sort of industrial chic vibe and the vibrant teal accent color against the warm wood tones of the built in bed/loft gave the space a really nice comfortable feel.  I especially loved the Salt and Pepper shaker chess set....very clever! (picture upper left corner)

MET LOFTS Unit #207 / Interior Designer Deborah J. Davis, ASID
The floating wood panel that framed the chandelier over the round glass dining room table was a very refreshing new idea and made a great focal point as your walked into this unit.  The warm tones used throughout gave the space a really peaceful and serene feel and was a wonderful contrast to the raw cement walls and ceilings.  From the cozy chair in the den where I could imagine sitting down to enjoy a good book to the collection of art work arranged in the living room, this was a space many would be happy to call home.

MET LOFTS Unit #414 / Interior Designer Rachel Winokur, Allied ASID
If I were a fashion student I would love living in this apartment.  The simple clean lines of the furnishings, the fabulous reclaimed stylish wood island in the kitchen and a four poster bed tucked away and surrounded by a floor to ceiling transparent curtain so as not to make the space feel smaller but the fabric gives great height and space to this unit.  I really liked the combination of a contemporary vibe with a wink of tradition .....I loved the over sized gold floor lamp with black shade. 

MET LOFTS Unit #423 / Interior Designer Frank A. Slesinski, Allied ASID
When I saw the four flat screen televisions on the wall, I knew right away this was a sports lovers dream.  The multi purpose desk/storage unit in the living room is a brilliant use of the space and when it is not in use everything can be tucked away.  This was a very sophisticated masculine space that had an elegance about it.

1600 Vine Unit #1109 / Interior Designer Laura D. Schwartz-Muller, Allied ASID
This two story unit was an unexpected surprise....the living room with the two story ceiling had this very clever asymmetrical bookcase with a sliding library ladder that gave this space great presence.  The bold artwork throughout the unit really brought the place to life, I really loved the triptych horse piece over the master bed and the vibrant color in the portrait located in the office was just stunning.  I just loved the custom bike rack!

1600 Vine Unit #734 / Interior Designer Suzanne Furst, ASID
Elegant and fashion forward is exactly how I would describe this really fabulous space.  The fairly mono-chromatic pallette is a great canvas for the pops of color like the Lucite clear and lime green foyer table.  It was a combination of textures, colors and finishes that really unified this space.  The textured wallpaper circle pattern was duplicated in frosted glass panels that separated the living and bedroom spaces.  The glass and chrome worked really well with the beautiful warm tone of the floors. 

1600 Vine Unit #813 / Interior Designer Darra Bishop, Allied ASID
This would be the perfect space for a student to live.  The very stylized furniture selections with a sort of mid-century feel was a great combination and a really happy living space.  The bed was a bookcase by day and a bed by night (top center picture) it was fantastic and allowed for the living space to feel so much larger.  The chain-link woven shower curtain was a buzz of conversation during our tour and it was fabulous!  

1600 Vine Unit #856 / Designer's Cynthia Lambakis & Samatha Williams, Allied ASID
From top to bottom front to back this unit had a beautiful surprise around every corner.  This large two story unit had a master bedroom suite larger than many homes (center top and bottom).  The dual living rooms on the main floor were beautifully appointed and the whole space was brought to life with some truly amazing artwork.  The special treat in this home was the custom glass light fixtures in the living room and dining room by Seth Parks...they were stunning.

As a professional ASID member I was honored to have been invited and was so exciting to able preview the work of my peers.   To all of the ASID Dwell Lab Designers I would like to extend my congratulations to you all on a job well done!  Bravo!