Future of Engineered Materials in fine Cabinetry ~ DeWils

As a DeWils Authorized Dealer we are excited about Fenix Matte and Luxe High Gloss collections added to the DeWils line of cabinetry.  These new collections bring a great modern twist to an already very distinctive custom cabinetry line at a very competitive price point.  Give us a call at 941-378-9964 to see for yourself and to learn more about DeWils go to www.dewils.com

Fenix Matte and Luxe High Gloss Collections
 DeWils introduces the future of engineered materials in fine cabinetry.

Fenix Nanotech Matte Collection:
 A New Level of Durability

 The Fenix® Collection offers an innovative and stylish matte finish, featuring nanotechnology for extreme durability unlike anything previously available.

  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Soft touch
  • Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
  • Resistance to dry heat
  • High resistance to acid solvents and household agents.
  • Thermal healing technology
Fenix® is produced by combining thermosetting resins at both high heat and high pressure. Resins are fixed with an Electron Beam Curing Process. This creates a homogeneous non- porous high-density (nanoparticles) product capable of thermal healing.

Surfaces should be cleaned regularly but do not require any particular maintenance. Almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants are perfectly well tolerated. For daily cleaning, it is suggested to use a melamine foam sponge (Magic Eraser) when scrubbing is required. Avoid furniture polishes and wax-based detergents in general, because they tend to form a sticky layer on the surface which will allow dirt to adhere.

Luxe High Gloss Collection:
Modern Styles to Impress

The Luxe Collection is created with state- of-the-art coating technologies, combined with the latest generation of materials.

  • Ultra High Gloss 
  • UV Stability
  • Exceptional Color Fastness
  • Resistance to Dry Heat
  • Stain  Resistant
  • Impact and Scratch Resistance
The Luxe High Gloss Collection is created with state- of-the-art coating technologies, combined with the latest generation of materials. 

Regular surface cleaning can be done simply with a nonabrasive cloth moistened with soap and water.  While the surface is highly resistant to staining, impact and scratches, it is possible to buff out minor wear and tear.

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Self-Clean Toilets, Smart Showers and Luxury for the Kitchen & Bath ~ #BlogTourKBIS

LIXIL Americas is one company three brands ~ American Standard "Raising the Standard", Grohe "The Joy of Water" and DXV "Classic Design Reimagined - Luxury"

As a member of the Modenus #BlogTourKBIS #DesignHounds group. (to learn more see previous post ~ Design Hounds Take on KBIS #BlogTourKBIS)  during our private tour there were a few of their new products that really caught my attention...

American Standard: Raising the Standard
The product solutions offered by American Standard blend inviting style, superior performance, built-to-last quality, and purposeful function to improve everyday living, while raising the standard of health, safety, and beauty in and around the bathroom and kitchen.

The American Standard product that caught my attention during KBIS was thier Self-Cleaning Toilet...

photo credit American Standard
The new ActiClean system is the toilet that cleans itself. All it takes is one simple press of a button for the bowl to be sparkling clean.  It’s that easy. 
ActiClean combines the award-winning, brand-exclusive VorMax flushing technology — which delivers the cleanest flush ever engineered — with a fully integrated self-cleaning systemIt features the innovative CleanCurve Rim that omits the rim cavity and holes inside the bowl where dirt and buildup can get trapped, and the EverClean antimicrobial surface that inhibits the growth of stain, bacteria, mold, and mildew, helping it stay cleaner, longer. 

All cleaning components are discreetly hidden from view, yet easy and intuitive to access when the user needs to change batteries or the cleaning cartridge.

GROHE: The Real Joy of Water
GROHE provides pure water enjoyment through innovative water products that delight customers and exceed their expectations, with faucet solutions for every aspect of the kitchen and bath. Enhancing homes with products that provide exceptional quality, technological advancements, and precision engineering is their mission.

The Grohe product that caught my attention during KBIS was their SmartControl shower system... 

The SmartControl System features a push-and-turn button design to control and set all desired shower settings, including water flow, volume and temperature.   

Operation is simple for the whole family - simply push to start and stop, then turn to adjust the water flow.  

SmartControl also features GROHE CoolTouch technology to prevent scalding.

DXV: Classic Design, Reimagined
Drawing upon the rich heritage of American Standard, flagship luxury brand DXV presents exceptional bathroom and kitchen collections that re-imagine the most influential design movements of the past 150 years. The DXV product portfolio reinterprets Classic, Golden Era, Modern, and Contemporary design and fuses state-of-the-art technologies with inspired design to elevate the experience of everyday living.  

The DXV product that caught my attention during KBIS was their Modulus Fixture and Faucet Suite scheduled to be available July 2017...

The new Modulus suite of contemporary luxury bath fixtures and fittings highlights an urban point of view with European influences to offer minimalistic, yet functional, design.

Graceful Modulus countertop lavatories are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, including marble and concrete models, in addition to solid surface construction. 

Modulus lavatory faucets feature sleek, organic design with a customizable decorative ring, and are offered in single-control, wall-mount, high and low spout widespread models.
This collection also includes an angular freestanding soaking tub; choice of wall-hung or one-piece toilet with a slim high back tank; and design-matched accessories that comprise a wall-hung storage unit, solid surface tray, mirror, and accent lighting.

Was an honor to learn about the LIXIL brands, as a member of the Modenus #BlogTourKBIS #DesignHounds group. (to learn more see previous post ~ Design Hounds Take on KBIS #BlogTourKBIS)