A Dramatic Difference ~ Before and After Kitchen

A recently completed Time2Design kitchen remodel that truly transformed this home. 

The Gourmet Camp Kitchen

camping dinner table photos via pinterest
Whether you are cooking on an open fire, a portable grill or you have a full kitchen in your rig/tent/camper/rv, preparing a meal while camping doesn’t have to be any less gourmet than meals you would cook at home. 

There are loads of cooking options available that allow you to have the same luxuries in your Camp Kitchen as you have in your home Kitchen.  There are so many portable appliances, grills, ovens, cooktops and even multi-purpose appliances available that allow you to cook in your camp kitchen just like you do at home.

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I have to admit the whole glamping phenomenon has taken gourmet camping to a whole new level.  Gone are the days of the same ole burnt hotdogs, cereal out of a box and soggy sandwiches. 

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Glamping or as I like to call it Gourmet Comfort Camping allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors and have all the comforts of home. 

No matter what type of camper you are, the common goal is to be in nature and enjoy the outdoors, it is time to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  It is perfect time to try out a new recipe or cook up your favorite meal.  So why not let your camp kitchen be gourmet central during your time in the outdoors?

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Whether your rig comes with a kitchen or you have a portable kitchen, cooking outdoors while camping is all about planning, preparing and improvising when necessary.

phots via www.campchef.com

There are many types of portable camp kitchens to keep you organized and store all your kitchen essentials.  Everyone has a different way of cooking at home it only makes sense that everyone would have their own way of cooking while camping. 

photos via

(upper left) The Outdoorsmen from www.mycampkitchen.com

(lower left) Deluxe Campers Kitchen from www.cabelas.com

(right) The Field Kitchen from www.kanzoutdoors.com

So plan ahead, whether you are going for overnight, a long weekend or a week, plan your meals ahead.  The more you plan the more time you will have to enjoy other camp activities. 

photos via carmen christensen

By planning ahead you won’t have to worry about figuring it out once you get to your destination and you won’t be stressed searching for a grocery store.  And since you will know what you will be cooking, you will know what to bring with you to cook on or in.  Also it helps to not lug things along that you won’t be using.

Once you have made plan set, done your shopping the next most important thing is food storage.  Whether you have a refrigerator or you are camping with coolers get yourself organized.  I find it helps to repackage food, ziploc bags are a great and take some extras with you for left overs.  

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Make the most of your space.  If you have a camper where you cook inside you will probably store your pantry items indoors.  But if that is not an option using some type of bins with lids is a great alternative and makes transporting your supplies easier.  (Don’t forget if you are in bear country be sure to take appropriate steps for storing food.)

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What about what you eat on?  Paper plates? Plastic silverware?  Bring along real plates and silverware and if you want to get fancy add in a table cloth, maybe a vase to put wildflowers in and stow away a few candles for your evening meals.  Why not make the most of your camping experience and treat yourself?  The sky is the limit.

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The most important thing in your gourmet camp kitchen is to be yourself, cook how you cook and enjoy your outdoor adventures! 

photo via carmen christensen "My Campsite"

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Before and After - Kitchen

Recently completed Kitchen Remodel by Time2Design - Before & After Kitchen

As you can see from the before pictures the footprint of this kitchen remained basically the same.  Sometimes the simple things can make the biggest impact.  
The dated cabinetry, countertops and flooring were the main reasons the homeowner wanted to remodel their kitchen.  In addition the soffits with the built-in lighting, the pantry with the louver bi-fold door and the desk that went on forever both dated the space but also contributed to its disfunction.  

So we removed the soffits, increased the height of the upper cabinet for additional storage space and by taking the crown molding right to the ceiling it gives the whole kitchen a greater sense of height.  For as much space as the old pantry took up it had shallow depth wire shelving inside making for a lot of unused space.  So when we took out the soffits, the walls that made up the pantry came down as well.  In its place we put in a tall pantry cabinet to utilize the entire area with interior roll-out drawers allowing the homeowner to see everything in their pantry and it has increased the amount of storage space by more than double. Notice the deep cabinet over the refrigerator?  This is the home to new vertical tray dividers and it gives the refrigerator a bit of a built-in look.    

The oversized kitchen desk was just taking up way more space than the homeowner wanted or needed, not to mention if you notice in the first before picture above there was an additional desk originally to the right of the range.  The homeowners really wanted to have a nice place to sit in the kitchen to read the paper or eat a meal and didn't need multiple desks.  So by minimizing the desk size it gives plenty of room for a table and a desk that is much more effecient with file drawers and just the right amount of space for their use.

New granite countertops a fresh coat of paint, lots of drawers and top it off with the beautiful solid hickory wood floors ~ icing on the cake!   What do you think?