Designers On The RADIO!!

Join host Carrie Chavez Hansen as she sits down with special guest Carmen Christensen of Time2Design to discuss their first-hand impressions of Las Vegas Market at the World Market Center.  

They will be sharing the hot new design trends they spotted as well as share their unique experience at this year's market.  If you are a fan of interior design and decorating, you will not want to miss this episode!

My Las Vegas Besties Shirley Cihura & Carrie Chavez Hansen 

I first met Carrie this past May in New York City while attending BlogFest2011.  I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with Carrie again, as part of a select group, invited by The World Market Center to attend Las Vegas Market.  Carrie and her best friend and design assistant Shirley and I had so much fun hanging out while at Market, where we met some truly amazing people amongst all the win a sea of The World Market Centers
Jeffrey Alan Marks, Carmen Christensen, Nathan Turner, Anthony Baratta & Carrie Chavez Hansen
Our group was made up of 10 top bloggers from across the country who were invited to cover the Market including Manvi Drona-Hidalgo of Mochatini; Cassandra LaValle of Coco + Kelley; Elise Marshall Jones of Here in This House; Carmen Christensen of Time2Design; Marisa Marcantonio of StyleBeat; Susan Serra of The Kitchen Designer; Nicole Abbott of Chic Cheap Nursery & Design Public; Carrie Anne Hansen of Studio C Interior Design & Snuggery Style; Raina Kattelson of A Stylist's Life; and Emily Anderson of Good With Style


Time2Design / Custom Furniture

Custom Entertainment Center by Time2Design

Custom Table by Time2Design

Custom Bench with Custom Upholstery by Time2Design

World Market Center #AOTC Event

Ahead of The Curve Event at this summers Las Vegas Market was a panel of top designers, moderated by the very stylish "Today" show contributor Susanna Salk.  The Designers Nathan Turner, Anothony Baratta and Jeffrey Marks spent a few days at the market discovering their individual hot finds / trends and they shared their findings and trend setting discoveries at the Ahead of The Curve Event.

Nathan Turner

Red Hot / Au Natural / Basketweave

Anthony Baratta
Retro Re-defined / Black & White the ultimate Neutral / Chrome in the Home

Jeffrey Alan Marks
Small Scale / Swivel / Pop of Color

My Vegas / My Time2Design

Just Back from Las Vegas World Market Center - what a whirlwind of inspiration and amazing new friendships.  I have so much to share, so I will be sharing each amazing experience in a Series of posts I am going to call My Vegas / My Time2Design. 

You are all familiar with the saying "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" right?   I don't think I can bring myself to leave it there, I had so many amazing experiences and met some truly amazing people, I have to share. 

I had the pleasure of being invited by World Market Center to attend Las Vegas Market for the inauguaral blogger LVM 2.0.  One of 9 other Designer Bloggers invited to attend as part of a Press group selected to share our experiences during our World Market Center visit.  In addition I had the honor of attending Ahead of The Curve - #AOTC - a live panel discussion with top designers Anthony Baratta, Jeffrey Marks and Nate Turner in a discussion of their trend setting finds at Market.
Jeffrey Marks, Carmen Christensen, Nate Turner, Anthony Baratta, Carrie Chavez Hansen