Gift Certificates - Give the gift of Design...

If you are looking for a unique special gift to give, consider giving one of the most unique and personal gifts imaginable.   Starting at just $150.00, you can give an interior design consultation and/or design gift certficate for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentines, Mother's day, Father's Day, Christmas, housewarming, marriage, anniversay, or baby shower. 

Our gift certificate spends like cash for merchandise or services at Time2Design.  The recipient can use the gift certificate for it's designated purpose or apply the value to a service they prefer.  The certificate cannot be returned for cash.   It could be used for design consultation, new cabinetry, furniture, accessories, artwork, light fixtures, new kitchen or bathroom hardware.....The possibilities are endless and it will be a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

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Definition: A finial is a decorative ornament at the end of a drapery rod or at the top of a lamp, piece of furniture, or building.

Encyclopedia:  In architecture, the decorative upper termination of a pinnacle, gable end, buttress, canopy, or spire. In the Romanesque and Gothic styles, it usually consists of a vertical, pointed central element surrounded by four outcurving leaves or scrolls.

When the form it decorates has crockets (small, independent, sharply projecting ornaments, usually occurring in rows), the finial may be formed of four or more crockets surrounding the central upright. Finials in the form of candelabrum shafts occur frequently in early Renaissance work. The term now applies loosely to any small pinnacle, knob, or other decorative feature terminating a vertical motif. See also crocket.

Pronunciation: fin'-ee-ul

Wallpaper Wednesday - Beaded Wallcovering

A luxurious collection - beaded wallcoverings. This one shown, featuring a wide stripe, a trellis and an overall spot.

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