Who cares what “they” say! It’s “YOUR” house!

So often when I am working with new clients there seems to be this common concern, almost right from the start that centers around what they should do based on resale.  HUH?  I mean really, you haven’t even moved in yet and already you are worrying about selling your new home.

Alright, so I get it, that at some level you need to be concerned about the possibility of selling your home and what your return on investment will be ~ protect your nest egg.

What I have a problem with, or should I say what I can’t seem to understand is this…  If you are buying a home with the intentions of living in it and/or owning it for more than 5 years, I say this in the gentlest of ways…..  Who CARES what the next guy wants or might want to buy.  Live in YOUR home, do what YOU want and most importantly make it function for YOU and YOUR needs. Create your "picket fence" home, whatever that means for you...

On the flip side if you are just buying a home to flip it then just whatever, I don’t really care cause you will be shopping at one of those big box I don’t care if it falls apart after I sell it stores. {If you are one of “them” I suggest you just breeze thru the pictures and ignore the content}

Ok so here is the deal, if you are buying a home, buy it for you and stop worrying about “them”.  Doesn’t it make more sense to live in a home that functions for you and meets your needs, rather than working around some silly thing that “they” say you are suppose to do or have.  A perfect example of this is the infamous “Garden Tub”.

I can’t tell you how many times when I ask my clients if they use it, their response is most often no.  Or after they move in they realize it is just a tub, not a spa bath that heats the water and doesn’t take all day to fill and once it is full the water is cold.  So either put in a true tub that functions for you or why aren’t you getting rid of it and maximizing the space in your bathroom…can you say walk in shower with dual heads people!

I am just saying that if you look around your home there  is so much wasted space with things such as garden tubs that never get used that “they” have dictated what “is” and what “isn’t” a priority.

Design your home to meet "YOUR" needs, not what "they" say. 

Family Photo Wall | Your story

Creating a wall to showcase family photo's is something I really enjoy doing for my clients.  It is a area in my client's homes that tells their story.  It showcases who they are and the family and friends that surround them.  It is a wonderful way to personalize your home and tell your story.  An important part of having a photo wall is to have the composition right,  and hang the photo's at the correct height.  I often find when people attempt to create a photo wall it very quickly becomes a ms-mash of photos and frames. It is important to have the right combination of photos, frames and spacing.
Here are a few examples of photo walls I have created...

Here is a photo wall I just put together for a client with old family photo's.  They are actually hung on the wall in a chronological order and tell the family story.  A great way to give a glimpse in to your ancestry. It represents the blending of families together thru marriage.  Was so enjoyable to hear the stories of each person, who they were and how they were related ~ great conversation wall.

Here are photo walls I have in my own home, I love looking at them, it really is a peak into my life, my history and the people I love. 

Pictures really do tell a story....do you see your story in your home?