My Web Savy interview with K+BB Magazine

Wow I am in a national magazine!  Be sure to check out the September Issue of K+BB Magazine!  You can also check it out at K+BB Online, Kitchen And Bath Business Magazine.  This truly has come about through the power of Social Media and wow!  I am thrilled to have been given a moment to tell a bit of my story share how Twitter and Facebook are affecting me and my business.

The magazine it is....

photo credit K+BB

Does your Kitchen have a Wine Cellar?

Wow, wow wow here is a fabulous way to have a wine cellar in your Kitchen.  It can keep up to 1,900 bottles in perfect storage conditions and since, like a traditional cellar, it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, plus an ingenious air-flow system, it requires no power to maintain its constant temperature.

Wine enthusiasts here is a creative stylish way to create a room for your wine.  Whether it is hidden or visible with the glass door, this is to me a brilliant addition to any kitchen or home! 

photos credit spiral cellars