Bathroom Snapshot - Lots of Storage

In a bathroom it is important to create a space that is visually appealing and at the same time provide adequate storage. This master bathroom was designed with two separate sink areas to give each individual their own area and storage space. The deep drawers are perfect for bathroom products and work great for blow dryers, curling irons and more. With the cabinets sitting on the counter near the sink provide a perfect location for linen storage.

Wallpaper Wednesday - You can Love Wallpaper Again

The phenomenon continues and Wallpaper Wednesday takes over. I have to give credit where credit is due and share with you why I have a new found love and admiration of wallpaper. Not to long ago I was reacquainted with, my now wallpaper guru, Gina Purdy with Purdy's Wallcoverings - We are fellow Ringling Alumni and bumped into each other awhile back when we were attending a local IDS Chapter meeting. 

I admit that up to that point I was an advocate against using wallpaper, and after spending some time with Gina at her beautiful design studio I was quickly convinced otherwise, or as Gina likes to say "converted". I am amazed how wallpaper has changed and the possibilities available. The numerous textures, varied colors, large scale prints and multitude of striking patterns compliment any number of areas in a home or commercial application. I must say, I was and I am, happily surprised that my feelings and opinion about wallpaper has changed and find myself looking for places to use wallpaper.

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New looks old...

When designing a space there is often a call to create an essence of age or to evoke a feeling of time past. Often times the perfect solution is to find a fabulous antique treasure, however finding a piece that is the size you need or fits your requirements is not always so easy. The solution is a custom piece made to meet your size and function requirements, with a custom distressed paint or stain finish it will look like a fabulous antique treasure.

Wallpaper Wednesday - Wallpaper Impacts Design

Fabulous large scale print wallpaper very elegant....
subtle sophistication ...
and large print wallpaper, can give amazing impact in a room... in one word - BEAUTIFUL!!!
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Kitchen Transformation - Before & After

This Kitchen went from
ordinary to extraordinary
and was truly transformed!!!
Check out this before picture...
From Drab to FAB!!!!