Out with The Old, That wall has to go ~ Kitchen Before & After

Out with the old and in with the new ~ Those walls have to go.  This kitchen was screaming for a makeover and needed to be updated.

Aside from the outdated wallpaper, this kitchen had a lot going on.  The original kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house with dropped soffits and walls separating it, it felt like you were in a box.  

We removed the wallpaper, took down a few walls, got rid of the soffits and opened the new kitchen up to the adjoining breakfast area and family room.  We made the kitchen part of the house instead of a separate room stuck in a box.

We increased the size of the pantry, made the cabinet over the refrigerator deeper so it was accessible and increased the height of the new upper cabinets.  In addition this kitchen boasts a total of five drawer banks for amazing amounts of usable functional storage.  New stainless steel appliances, solid cherry wood cabinets and spectacular granite countertops give this kitchen a timeless look that is now the center of activity in their home.

A few details up close. 

We received the following letter from the homeowner upon completion of this job -

Dear Carmen,
I wanted to drop you a note to let you know again how happy we are with our kitchen/house remodel job. Everything came out beautiful, it’s like having a new home. You delivered on each and every aspect of the project. You guided us through the job our first meeting when we discussed the job and process to the final walk-through. 

We very much appreciate your high standards for quality and value and want to mention some things that set you apart from other contractors we know or talked to. Your excellent communications provided us confidence that every dollar was spent wisely. You stayed on budget and always let us know when issues arose. 

All your subcontractors and workers were safe, neat, honest and highly qualified. Your eye for design and color was great. Overall, we can say that we received quality work and materials at a good price. We once hired a contractor who’s starting goal was to be friends with their clients after the project was completed. I am happy to say that now we have had two contractor experiences we can say that about. 

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody and wish you the best.
Maureen Stewart