Change it up Without Tearing it Up - Kitchen Before and After

Do you want to change your kitchen, bathroom or even your laundry room?  Are you afraid of the dusty mess and maybe the added expense you may encounter if you start tearing up say your kitchen? Does your kitchen need to be updated?  This is a very common and here is an example of just such a kitchen!

This kitchen originally had white thermofoil raised panel cabinet doors with plastic laminate on all the exposed surfaces such as the ends of the cabinets and the toe kicks.  The homeowners first attempt to upgrade prior to us arriving was to have someone come in and do a faux painted finish directly onto the surface of the cabinets and doors.  {not recommend}  Over the course of a very short time this finish was showing signs of wear on and around the areas that had the most direct contact with use, such as around the knobs.  Not to mention that the foil on the face of many of the doors were bubbled and De-laminating ~ essentially peeling apart. 

So the options to fix this were as follows:   
1.  Leave as is ~ do nothing and just live with it

2.  Leave as is and replace all of the door and drawer fronts, moldings and re-finished all exposed ends

3. Remove and replace all cabinets and countertops, which would also allow for kitchen to be redesigned to maximize storage and function.

So for this particular job the homeowner choose option #2, and there were multiple benefits to making this selection.  {no construction mess or dust, able to keep the existing granite countertops and no need for any electrical or plumbing to be done to name a few}  This is how to change it up without tearing it up!

~Before and After Views ~